Tired Song Keeps Playing on a Tired Radio…

A few weeks ago I took a pledge to have more fun.  Listening to music was part of that pledge so I switched my default from NPR to some pop music station.  At first it was fun getting reacquainted with the latest pop tunes.  They’re catchy, and this girl can still get her groove on, even while she’s driving.  Very quickly, however, I remembered why I turned to NPR in the first place.  Every station plays the most popular ten songs, over and over again and those songs get tired, very quickly.  My boys, on the other hand, can’t get enough of those ten songs.  And thus begins our dilemma.

A typical car ride goes something like this:  I put on the radio and there’s Katy Perry.  Happy boys!  The five year old sings away about the one that got away and the two year old is content.  The song ends and “Fix You” by Cold Play is cued.  This is one of my favorite songs of all time but I know it won’t make them happy.  Sure enough:  “Bo-ring!  I want something else!” screams the five year old.  I try to explain how much I like the song but realize it’s not worth the fight so I sadly scan and hear the five year old say ‘no” to every station until we find what he likes.  This time it’s “Turn me on.”  “Yes!  This one!”  he squeals with delight. The five year old is happy; the two year old…not so much.  He really only likes Katy Perry, which I believe is based on watching that video on youtube where she sings with Elmo about him being hot and cold and her boobies are hanging out.  Not that i have a problem with that; they are just boobs after all.  Anyway, he’s in love and no one else will do.  “Nooooo!” he screams, but I can’t change it or the five year old will get upset so I leave it on and deal with the screaming.  Meanwhile I hear the five year old singing:  “make me come alive come on and turn me on…I just want you to father my young…” and other inappropriate lyrics.

What's all the fuss?

Finally it ends and on comes a song I love from the 80s. Once again:  “this song rots!”  Do I fight or do I scan and pray for “Moves Like Jagger” – something we all enjoy?  So I scan until the five year old gives his assent.  As each familiar pop song plays, my five year declares: “Mommy!  I know this song!” He does this with each and every song he’s ever heard in his short lifetime…and he repeats this every single time he hears that song.  The two year old has even begun to chime in:  “Know this song!”  The fights continue to change the station and find Lady Gaga or LMFAO.  Now I’m not scanning to get away from those tired ten songs, I’m actually searching for them.  Finally I get annoyed and just leave the radio on a pop station.  “This is it!  I’m done!”  Now I’m yelling at them…and this was supposed to be fun.  Am I the only one experiencing this or do all of you out there feel like your kids are a big fat pain in the ass?

The tyrannical behavior of my children to control the radio is more than I can bear.  The car used to be the place where I enjoyed a few moments of peace each day.  I could listen to some genteel discussion about the plight of the northern long-eared bat or an analysis of health care reform while my kids sat in the back, relatively quiet and happy.  Now it has become yet another form of torture for me as I aim to make them happy but realize it’s impossible.  You know what?  I’m done.  Terry, I’m back!!!


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3 Responses to “Tired Song Keeps Playing on a Tired Radio…”

  1. Christine says:

    You think it’s bad now, wait till they’re teenagers! You probably won’t even like the same songs and they will be playing it at eardrum bursting decibels. I hope he goes into sales or negotiations because he knows how to get his way.

  2. Mom says:

    Ha ha ha. I understand completely… at least you didnt start this until you were 10! When we were there a few weeks ago even I was getting tired of hearing Cole relentlessly saying “I know this, Gammy I know this song, Gammy I know this song…” Oy vay! Not to worry…I am sending 2 transister radios for each of them…but wait, won’t it present a problem when the station needs to be changed?

  3. I was also smart enough NOT to let my kids have any control over the radio for years. Then, like you, I was silly enough to let them have an opinion. Wait until they can sit in the front seat and change selections all on their own! Ugh! I must say that at least my son has a fondness for 80s rock which makes me smile!